Welcome to Flower Lady's (Unwanted) Fan Club, a collection of comics that have next to nothing to do with the Flower Lady.

The comics featured on this site evolve around the members of Foundations, a guild on iRO Chaos, and their acquaintances. They are listed in rough chronological order in the navigational bar to the left. Each strip can stand independent of the others, and there may even be chronological inconsistencies, but for the most part, they build on each other. While the stories are for the most part creations of their respective authors, all characters belong to their respective owners.

The Strips
The Red Headed Wizard by Elly (http://flowerlady.montou.net/rhw)
The comic that started it all.

Rendevous by Rwen and Yukie (http://flowerlady.montou.net/rendezvous)
A spin-off from the Red Headed Wizard. Rwen and Yukie got hit by the comic making bug, and in response to Elly's lack of comics at the time, decided to make their own. The first strip led to the second then the third, and it has now become a strip of its own. It currently stands as the prequel to Red Headed Wizard, telling the story of how the guild came together.

Flower Lady Special (http://flowerlady.montou.net/special)
A random boiling pot of random stand-alone or short strips that don't belong in the aforementioned storylines.

Site Design
Design and layout done by Rwen using sprite sheets (see Links), Photoshop 6.0, Comic Gallery v.1.2, a bit of patience, and a lot of insomnia.

All sprites, backgrounds, and other graphical goodies belong to their respective owners. Characters and stories belong to their respective players/authors. Any similarities found between the comics and your own experieinces is totally coincidential unless we know you, in which case it was most likely done with full awareness and in complete good humor.